Sērs (Sulphur)

Volcanic in origin, Sulphur (Sulfur) carries a negative charge, and it detoxifies and absorbs negativity, making it a natural choice for use with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Sulphur helps those with a propensity for negativity to discover the root causes behind such feelings and to find appropriate ways of releasing this energy in a productive manner. Sulphur is good for people who have anger management issues and negative outbursts.

Sulphur allows people to get in touch with the inner self, to discover a higher purpose, while blocking any old repeating behaviors that no longer serve this purpose. Sulphur can soften a hard line attitude, allowing one to become more flexible with the natural cycles of life. This action can tune one into the right frequencies for allowing inner peace to pervade in one's life experience.

Physically, Sulphur can be used to help heal infections, fevers, joint pain and swelling, skin issues, colds, and exhaustion.

Caution: Sulphur is toxic – do not put in water or near a heat source. Wash hands thoroughly and keep away from pets/children. [4]

Sulphur has a negative electrical charge and is an excellent remedy to absorb negative emotions and energies. Place it in your home or office to remove negativity of any kind.

Sulphur is volcanically produced. It can assist in drawing latent psychic abilities to the surface. It can be used to calm a rebellious, or stubborn side of a personality. It acts as a softener and assists in constructive change.

Sulphur is extremely toxic and should NOT be taken internally. It is useful for conditions that flare up (such as fevers and infections). Placed in bath water, it can give relief for painful swelling or joint pain. [5]

Krāsa Oranža[30], Brūni dzeltena[30], Dzeltena[30][5][4][37], Brūngana[37], Balta[30]
Svītra Bezkrāsaina[30]
Caurspīdīgums Caurspīdīgs[30], Puscaurspīdīgs[30][37]
Spīdums Sveķains[30], Taukains[30]
Cietība 1,5 - 2,5[37][30], 2[4]
Čakra 3. saules pinuma Manipuru[4]
Vibrācija 7[4]
Zodiaks Lauva (Leo)[4]
Enerģija Dziedināšanas[5], Spēju[5]
Kaites Saaukstēšanās[4], Sāpes[4], Spēku izsīkums[4], Pietūkums[4], Locītavas[4], Infekcija[4], Drudzis[4]
Emocionālā ietekme Noņem negatīvismu[4], Dusmas[4]
Garīgā ietekme Augstākais es[4]
Uzmanību! Mazgāt rokas pēc lietošanas[4], Nedrīkst lietot eliksīriem[4], Putekļi ir toksiski[4], Sargāt no bērniem[4], Turēt sausumā[4]
Blīvums (g/cm3) 2,1[37]
Atradnes ASV[4], Čīle[4], Itālija[37], Polija[4]