Polihromā jašma (Polychrome Jasper, Desert Jasper)

Polychrome Jasper (also called Desert Jasper) is a delightful new find from Madagascar! It was discovered by geologists in 2006 while searching for the currently mined out Ocean Jasper. It was named for its multi colors.

Use it for:

  • Stability
  • Balance
  • Grounding

All jaspers help balance the emotional energy in the body. Jasper comes in many colors. All colors of Jasper will help balance the vibrations of the body. Jasper is slow to show a change to the person, but is such a basic "good" stone that one should always have it on hand. [5]

Krāsa Zaļa[5], Sarkana[5], Brūna[5]
Čakra 3. saules pinuma Manipuru[5]
Zodiaks Lauva (Leo)[5]
Enerģija Aizsardzības[5], Maģiskā[5]
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