Aragonīts (Aragonite, Арагонит)

Aragonite varies in color and can be white, gray, colorless, yellow, pale blue, violet, or brown. Aragonite is also the primary mineral that makes up the organic compound commonly known as mother of pearl.

Aragonite is a grounding stone. It is often used to center and ground physical energies and is very useful during stressful times. Aragonite stabilizes the base chakra, and strengthens your connection with the earth.

Star Clusters promote a sense of balance while cleansing the surrounding energy. Use these to fortify strength and confidence and to open yourself to new visions. Healing properties of aragonite

  • warms the extremities, bring energy through the entire body
  • aids calcium absorption
  • stops night twitches and muscle spasms [5]

Aragonite is a wonderful Earth healer, and encourages conservation of Earth’s precious resources. Use Aragonite when working with the Root and Earth Star Chakras, and for grounding and connecting to the Earth. Aragonite can also be used for clearing blockages of energy in ley lines and for healing geopathic stress. Aragonite acts as a stabilizing stone, and can be helpful for those who have focused solely on spiritual pursuits to the exclusion of other necessary tasks. Aragonite assists those who need to release issues from the past as well as attachments in the present.

Aragonite promotes focus and concentration, and can be helpful for students. Meditating with Aragonite can help to ground spiritual growth into the lower chakras, raising the overall vibration of the body. Many crystal lovers enjoy Aragonite's centering energies, and work with it to help bring peace and serenity to volatile situations.

Aragonite calms, centers, stabilizes and increases the ability to remain patient, even in the most challenging of circumstances. It will enhance and encourage sensitivity and generosity. Aragonite can be an aid for those who lack discipline and self-control, and can help one to overcome stagnation in their personal growth.

Physically, Aragonite's ability to raise vibrational energies of the body can assist with all types of healing. Aragonite can help to speed up the recovery from broken bones and nerve damage. Its highly grounding energies allow Aragonite to help relieve stress and nerve problems that may lead to restlessness, twitching or spasms.

Sleep with Aragonite under the pillow to relieve insomnia, or carry in your pocket for continuous grounding influence throughout the day. Aragonite can also be used to enhance the absorption of calcium throughout the skeletal structure and to ameliorate pain and chills. [4]

VarietāteBrūnais aragonīts[2], Zilais aragonīts[2]
Krāsa Gaiši zila[5], Zila[4][5], Zaļa[4], Violeta[5], Sarkana[4], Pelēka[5], Oranža[4], Dzeltena[5][4], Brūna[4][5], Bezkrāsaina[5], Balta[5][4]
Cietība 3,5 - 4[56]
Čakra 0. zemes zvaigznes[3], 1. saknes Muladhara[3][4], 2. krusta kaula, sakrālā[3][4], 4. sirds (Heart) Anahata[5], 5. kakla (Throat) Višudhu[5], 6. trešās acs (Third Eye) Adžnu[5], 7. vainaga (Crown) Sahasrara[4]
Vibrācija 10[3], 9[4]
Stihija Gaiss[3][5], Ūdens[5]
Zodiaks Zivis (Pisces)[58], Mežāzis (Capricorn)[3][4]
Enerģija Dziedināšanas[5], Mīlestibas[5], Spēju[5]
Kaites Zobu sāpes[9], Temperatūras celšanās[4], Hroniskas sāpes[4], Sāpes[4], Podagra[9], Psoriāze[58][9], Nervu sistēma[4], Locītavas[4], Imūnsistēma[4], Izsitumi[9], Ekzēma[9], Āda[58], Vistas aklums[9]
Emocionālā ietekme Mierīgums[4], Liekvārdība[4], Klusums[4], Kritika[4], Depresija[4], Kritiska attieksme[4]
Garīgā ietekme Vibrācijas kāpināšana[4], Baltā gaisma[4], Augstākais es[4], Kundalini enerģija[4], Zemes dziedināšana[4], Apziņa[4]
Minerālu klase Karbonāts[4]
Ķīmiskā formula CaCO3, kalcija karbonāts[4]
Blīvums (g/cm3) 2,9 - 3[56]
Atradnes ASV[5], Maroka[4][5], Meksika[4][5], Namībija[4], Spānija[5][4]
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